She is either very pretty or downright beautiful, depending on your point of view, but most of all she is good-looking in an unethnic American way, like the girl from the long-ago Breck shampoo ad.

She has clear, intelligent hazel eyes and picks at her food in the manner of small-boned women who have trained themselves to eat sparingly without calling attention to it. ‘

Then again, Burch is, by her own admission, “a total perfectionist. I can see,” she adds, “if a picture’s off by a 16th of an inch.” The details, animate as well as inanimate, appear to fall in place for her, as if in deference to her force field, her cleareyed, determined idea of how things should be.

There is nothing overtly tough-seeming about her, for instance, yet her friend Gigi Mortimer tells me that Burch hits the ball so hard in tennis her nickname is “Mighty Mouse.”

— From Daphne Merkin’s profile of Tory Burch in last week’s NYT T Style magazine, which I’ve just now gotten around to reading (it’s the one with the bizarrely photoshopped picture of Viggo on the front where he looks like a 13 year old sk8r boy). So there are a lot of problems with this “I don’t know how she does it” piece, but these quotes really stood out to me as the types of things my high school should consider putting in its recruitment materials - Burch is probably our most famous alumna. These descriptions totally embody the Irwin’s girl. You can imagine I was very happy there.
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